Author(s) Vanessa Lamas Gonçalves Ribeiro
Advisor(s) Fernando Gravato Morais
Year 2017

Synopsis Our option for the investigation of the client’s compensation in the commercial concession agreement derived from the social, legal and academic relevance that the distribution contracts present in the current days, as well as from the interest that the problem of the client’s compensation raises. We deem extremely important the deep development of a theme that, although it is really discussed and controversial within the doctrine, seems scarcely studied and deepened. Therefore, we have carefully studied the problem, in order to be able to contribute to the study and the solution of the quarrel in question: whether or not to proceed with an analogical extension of the client’s compensation, provided for in the contract agency, to the commercial concession agreement. The answer to the above problem presupposes, first of all, the verification of the existence of a true analogy between the agency agreement and the commercial concession agreement justifying the analogous application of the client’s compensation to the latter. Then, we study the requirements of the client’s compensation figure, followed by a critical analysis of their verification on the concrete scope of the commercial concession agreement.

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