Author(s) Clara Alexandra Quintela Alves Rodrigues
Advisor(s) Fernando Gravato Morais
Year 2017

Synopsis The present dissertation is about one of the most currents and controversial themes of actuality: The Bank Resolution Mechanism. Elected as object of study of this thesis, mainly because there are few works in our doctrine about this theme, and the larger ones only deals in theory with the mechanism. There is little approach to the operation of the mechanism. In this context, it is a subject of extreme importance, because we live in a period marked by one of the greatest crises of the 21st century, were it was recognized that the national and international authorities didn’t have sufficient means and capacity to overcome this overwhelming crisis that has begun in 2007. We will start from the analysis of the real state crisis that originated in the United States of America, leading this explanation till bank insolvency. In this situation, we must ask ourselves what means are at our disposal to solve a situation of this magnitude. We will focus on the bank situation in Portugal, more specialty in the means used to combat the insolvency of large banking institutions, that did not resist and collapsed, namely the largest Portuguese empire at the time, O Banco Espírito Santo. Finally, reflecting the analysis carried out, some considerations regarding the operability of Banking Resolution Mechanism cannot be disregarded.

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