Author(s) Paula Cristina Oliveira Lopes de Ferreirinha Loureiro
Advisor(s) Pedro Madeira Froufe
Year 2016

Synopsis The present document represents our professional activity report, drawn up to replace the Master’s dissertation thesis in Law of the European Union under the Rector Dispatch RT- 38/2011 of 21 June. In this report we intend to expose, in essence, our judicial activity, while Judge, over the 13 years of our career in the Judiciary. Thus, the first part of the report will describe the academic and formative training received, as well as our professional activity and places where it was carried out in chronological order. In the second part of this report, we present a brief legal study, essentially descriptive and intentionally systematic, on State Aid under European Union law. It was our choice in this report, after offering some essential operational concepts, to conduct a brief tour of the control procedure adopted by the European Commission and the oversight exercised by the national Courts for the granting of public aid by Member States. The theme chosen is not intended to reflect the whole, neither the notorious complexity, of the versed theme, but only establish the cornerstones of the State Aid regime in the law within the European Union in an essentially pragmatic-oriented approach and geared to judicial activity.

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