Author(s) Aliaksandra Yelshyna
Advisor(s) Francisco Carneiro Pacheco Andrade and Paulo Novais
Year 2014

Synopsis This study intends to carry out an analysis of Ambient Intelligence and its impact on privacy and data protection; as well as possible legal and technological solutions to the problems that it raises. The aim is, on one hand, to clarify the concept of Ambient Intelligence, its advantages and application fields; and on the other hand, to expose common criticism regarding the threat that it poses to privacy and data protection. To this end, the main focus was to analyze the relevance and adequacy of current legislation towards Ambient Intelligence and the challenges that it faces; through a comprehensive breakdown of the European Union’s legal regime, as well as national legislation, on the matter of privacy and personal data protection, namely the Decree-Law n.º 67/98, October the 26th During this study it was possible to conclude that the paradigm of Ambient Intelligence introduces new and emerging concerns over privacy and personal data protection, which demand new thinking on issues related to security, autonomy, identity and self-determination of the individual.

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