Author(s) Ana Catarina Martins Oliveira
Advisor(s) Eva Sónia Moreira da Silva
Year 2011

Synopsis The subject we propose to analyze is controversial, up-to-date and related to the civil liability. Basically, we want to discuss if a third person, not primarily offended, can be compensated for non-patrimonial, and above all, moral damages sustained. The controversy begins with the perception that other persons, besides the main offended, sustain damages, not only morally and psychologically, but also in their rights, such as loss of consortium, or the right to see their children growing up safe and healthy So, we want to answer: what happens to a parent who sees his child seriously injured, after a certain event? Or, what happens to a woman who sees her husband forever disabled, mentally defective or/and incapable of sexual intercourse? These are the answers we seek after the analysis of the Portuguese Constitution and civil law.

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