Author(s) Carlos Manuel Borges Garcia
Advisor(s) Wladimir Brito
Year 2015

Synopsis This work is untitled ” relevance of amparo´s appeal in the directs protection of fundamentals rights: The Cape Verdean´s experience”. Based on the above theme aimed essentially to answer any questions that may have arisen in the constitutional praxis in Cape Verde Island, due to the introduction of this mechanism in the laws among our Portuguese-speaking archipelago, and one of these issues has begun to be discussed, as we will constact, even before the amparo´s right effectivation, approved in 1994, following the 1992´s Constitution that has implemented it, its debate has focused in the dilemma if the amparo´s appeal is directly applicable or its dependent on the legislative measurement to be applied. Furthermore, with this dissertation, we intend to address to other issues that have divided Cape Verdean´s and other´s countries doctrines that have similars mechanisms, namely, the scope of amparo´s appeal, the question of legitimacy and this mechanism incidence, etc., contributing to a better interpretation of this law and the Cape Verde´s Constitution regarding to this important and fundamental instrument of citizens’ rights defense, to present and socialize Cape Verde´s experience to Portugal, a country, as we know , keeps alive and consistency debate midst this doctrine and about the introduction or not of this tools extremely important and pertinent to defense citizens throughout the public damaging acts of their rights, freedoms and guarantees.

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