Author(s) João Pedro Marques e Castro
Advisor(s) Isabel Celeste M. Fonseca
Year 2015

Synopsis This article reports to the principles of good administration, economy and efficiency and puts emphasis on the real possibility of improving the administrative machine, within the parameters of greater efficiency and utilization, in a smaller time and with a less expensive cost. An historical-legal approach was made, by the emergence and development of public administration, reported the list of current problems. We talk about cases in a practical perspective and enhance examples of what is good administration. The jurisprudence and doctrine related to the selected theme is also analyzed in a critical perspective. Being deeply also escalpelizados all legal criteria concerning efficiency and economy. To this end, by this chain reflection there is an adoption of a logical deepening schema, starting from more general concepts to more specific concepts, in order to achieve a structured approach theme under review. Thus, we propose to offer modest contribution on the densification of the principle of good administration as it happens in the Administrative Procedure Code approved by Decree-Law No. 4/2015, of January 7, making sure that it is a new reality that distinguishes the formulation as it was consecrated in the previous Administrative Procedure Code, within the law until recently.

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