Author(s) Ana Paula Bettencourt Pereira
Advisor(s) Isabel Celeste M. Fonseca
Year 2017

Synopsis It is our purpose to unveil whether the actual construction licensing exclusive submission rule, applied to norms of Direito do Urbanismo, under reservation of others rights, will effectively protect them, taking into consideration that it is actually a rather fragile and late protection. In this way, we aim at seeing clarified whether this rule, despite accelerating administrative procedures, à posteriori, will turn out to be more laborious and economically penalizing for those who were affected, with inevitable resource to judicial proceedings so as to solve the conflicts it created, processes that, not rarely, drag on indefinitely through the time. Therefore, it is pretended to demonstrate if it would not be more advantageous for the protection of others rights and for the protection of the own construction license owners trust, in case the architecture project appreciation was similar to what follows the analysis of local administration issues of legitimacy, which is its submission to the actual private right norm.

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