Author(s) Márcia Sofia Teixeira Andrade
Advisor(s) Joaquim Freitas Rocha
Year 2017

Synopsis The present work has as object of study the powers of the municipal assemblies in financial matters in the Portuguese legal system. Taking into account the context of financial imbalance in many municipalities, it is important to analyze the role of the deliberative body in the municipal financial management. This way, is crucial to know the function of the municipalities in the politicaladministrative structure from the formation of the politically organized State until the present time. In addition, this study can not be excluded from mentioning of the role played by municipalities in financial activity, as well as some of the principles and rules that should guide the execution of such functions. Once these premises are established, a detailed analysis will be carried out on the competencies of the municipal deliberative body in financial matters. In this sequence, we will problematize the legal solutions that the ordinance has established on this matter, making a comparison with the practical reality, assessing possible pathologies and, thus, allowing to advance with some contributory solutions for a better functioning of the local power and, consequently, local democracy.

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