Author(s) Felisberto dos Anjos Borges
Advisor(s) Mário João Ferreira Monte
Year 2015

Synopsis The professional practice as a Professor of Introduction to Law Study, Criminal Law and Criminalistics in Angola, namely in the Superior Institute of Police and Criminal Science, led to the perception that there are themes that despite being common to every country in the world are still very little spread in Angola, even among those whose main concern is the defense of the citizens’ Rights, Freedoms and Guarantees. Therefore, with the consent of the police command, a questionnaire was applied to police elements who are attending the official’s course at the forementioned Superior Institute, so that data could be gathered in order to analyze the perception these elements have on the Trafficking in Human Beings (THB) theme. From this starting point, we will consider the possibility of making changes in curricula, or even the deepening of the formation on this theme in the National Police, aswell as thinking about ways that enable a broader diffusion of this reality by the population, in order to prevent it. The Angolan reality shows that this phenomenon occurs sporadically, but the statistics are nonexistent. There are accounts of situations, by the media, that can be related to trafficking, such as the individual cases of Chinese, Congolese and Brazilian citizens in prostitution, or the accounts on Angolan child labor in farms of neighboring countries, but we believe that reality may exceed these cases. This is merely an exploratory study that we hope can contribute to a better formation on the theme, for a broader knowledge of this reality from the future officials of the National Police, so that this scourge can be prevented and more efficiently fought.

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