Author(s) Ana Laurinda Sirage Coimbra
Advisor(s) Mário João Ferreira Monte
Year 2016

Synopsis This report covers the career of the author between the years 2007 and 2016, narrating the experience gained in particular in the field of administrative offenses law. Highlighting the link between the academic legal education obtained, and it´s practical application in the exercise of profession, it conducts a critical analysis of the most striking situations during that period, reflecting on the different factors that influenced the performance of functions. In addition, it identifies a specific issue raised by the professional experience, and deepens it in the thematic area chosen. About notifications in proceeding administrative offences law, Decree-Law 433/82, October 27th, in its current version (Regulatory Regime of Administrative Offences), it shows silent on the rules to be followed for that purpose. This omission has given rise to divergent positions regarding the rules applicable to those notifications, which will be the object of our exposure.

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