Author(s) José Carlos Cidade Rodrigues de Oliveira
Advisor(s) Isabel Celeste M. Fonseca
Year 2015

Synopsis With the completion of this work of academic research – “Mortuary Law”, and local finance: The management of cemiteries while revenues of local authorities – to obtain the master’s degree, it is intended on the one hand, make a historical framework of the cemeteries along the civilizations, on the other, to highlight the importance of financial management of the parish cemetery, by the parish councils – fulfilling the constitutional principle of autonomy of local authorities – in terms of the collection of own revenue streams, from the recovery of fees and licenses in cemeteries, for a concession of land, construction licenses in deposits and graves, for placing objects, burials, exhumations and translocations, remission of charnel houses or graves, endorsements of deposits or other, and the collection of specific services for municipalities, in particular, for carrying out work on behalf of individuals, granting land for perpetual graves, granting perpetual remissions and by granting perpetual ossuaries in the total amount of own current revenues, in the parishes of Vila Nova de Gaia county. Since little widespread knowledge dissemination on “mortuary right”, we intend to make, in a targeted manner, a brief legal resume related to the topic.

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