Author(s) Diana Isabel de Sousa Moroso
Advisor(s) Teresa Alexandra Coelho Moreira
Year 2017

Synopsis The present study is going to focus on the analysis of mobbing. Actually, this is an ancient phenomenon that has its roots in recent history. On the first chapter, we will have the opportunity to analyze the several terminological approaches of the phenomenon, and the constitutive elements that integrate the legal concept of mobbing will also deserve from our part the best attention. We will also approach the different classifications of mobbing on the second chapter. The third fourth chapter will deal with the consequences of mobbing that can reverberate, and taking place can influence the family relationships, the good running of the organization of work and society itself. About chapter fourth, it will deal with the distinction of mobbing, comparing to other figures. On the fifth chapter, it will be done the analysis of mobbing within the Portuguese legal system, to discuss later, on the sixth chapter, if this phenomenon should or not should be criminalized. Furthermore, we understand that the preventive and strategic measures should not be forgotten, relatively to mobbing, and that is the reason why they will be approached on the seventh chapter.

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