Author(s) José Lino Saldanha Retroz Galvão Alvoeiro
Advisor(s) Cristina Dias
Year 2015

Synopsis This professional activity report is purposed to obtaining the Degree of Masters in Contracts and Company Law, in the Law School of University of Minho, according to the provisions of paragraph 3 of Order RT-38/2011, of June 21st. The report begins with a mention to our academic training and proceeds with the training sessions and specialization courses attended, followed by a summary of our professional experience as a Judicial Magistrate, along with a mention to the characteristics of the functional practice developed in the respective district courts. At its most essential core, this report addresses the protective measures towards the judicial confidence aiming at the future adoption, in accordance to articles 38-A and 62-A Care and Protection of Children and Young Persons in Danger Act and article 1978 of the Civil Code, in the scope of the legal institute for adoption. Furthermore, this report presents a brief and initial digression on the history and origin of the institute for adoption and the referred precepts as well as a quick approach of such a measure. It aims at analysing the presuppositions and scope of such a measure vis-à-vis the fulfilment of the best interests of children, considering the Legal Framework of the Adoption Process, approved by the Law 143/2015, of September 8th.

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