Author(s) Alessandra Silva dos Santos Celente
Advisor(s) Isabel Celeste M. Fonseca
Year 2015

Synopsis The objective is to analyze and discuss the ineligibility for misconduct, especially the assumptions listed in the Law of “Clean Record”, this law that brought the Brazilian legal system hypotheses of ineligibility meant to protect the administrative probity and morality in the exercise of elective political office. Despite the progress in the regulation of the matter under the criminal law, with revolutionary international cooperation agreements and even documents with proposals for international crimes classification, the focus of the investigation are the reflections of misconduct in the Electoral Law, as in this area the question still needs more attention, demanding redoubled research efforts. We identified the need for further research on the ineligibility system in Brazil in order to make critical reflections about misconduct in public office and valuing doctrinal and jurisprudential positions, even bringing considerations on the subject in Portugal taking account the actions (or inactions) of elected officials, as representatives of citizens, directly impact the lives of individuals and in the direction of a country.

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