Author(s) Maria João Pinto Esteves
Advisor(s) Américo Fernando Gravato Morais
Year 2012

Synopsis Credit has become an important and indispensable instrument in market share, both for businesses and for consumers, covering all social classes with respect to these last. The financial institutions, with the objective of serve these interests have been creating and disseminating several species of bank contracts for credit concession. The credit facility agreement configures one of the most used types of contract, being commonly known as “credit lines “. However, financial institutions only provide credit to companies or individuals, if they present some warranty. The parts will be free to choose and agree on the guarantee or warranty that more fit into concrete situation and what better ensure compliance with the obligations arising from the credit facility agreement. The guarantees associated with this contractual form are diverse and specific, hence our interest in studying these realities both in terms of its characterization, both in terms of solutions that should arise from the vicissitudes. Therefore, the dissertation we propose to develop will seek to characterize the credit facility agreement as a starting point to then analyze the more frequent thirst bank guarantees in place of a credit facility agreement, making an analysis of the current legal regime of each one, in particular the characteristics resulting from its association with the credit facility agreement.

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