Author(s) Flávio Rafael Fernandes Marques
Advisor(s) Teresa Alexandra Coelho Moreira
Year 2017

Synopsis Labor relations did not remain indifferent to the social network phenomenon and that is the reason why they end up materializing in every phase or aspect of the labor relationship: access to employment; work contract execution and even its cessation. These new communication and interaction tools did not remain indifferent to anyone and brought up some issues of complex content and it escribes the problem related to the employer’s increasing intromission in the employee’s private life, which makes electronic control’s boundaries a new reality and a current matter. During all the History of Labor Law, professional and personal life’s frontier has never been so complex as it is right now. This Master’s dissertation focus on this current problem: can an employee be fired due to his posts on his social network? This problematic will be analyzed taking into account the possible relevance of social network’s post done outside his place of work and done before or after his working hours on fair dismissals, when these referred posts collide with employees’ duties or the labor relationship has become untenable due to these referred posts.

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