Author(s) Cátia Daniela Machado Antunes
Advisor(s) Américo Fernando Gravato Morais
Year 2012

Synopsis Due its legal and academic importance, the objective of this master´s thesis is the defective performance when based in a leasing contract is a works contract. Thus, our aim is to explain in both constracts the maijor violations, which are definede for the leasing contract in the articles 1207º to 1230º of the Civil Code, and for the works contract in the DL 149/95 of 24th July. Based on this object, this master´s thesis begins with a little explanation of what it is both works and leasing contracts. Explained the type of contracts involved shall be delivered to proceed to the analysis of various topics such as defective performance, defects of the work, responsability of the parties before the inconsistency of good, responsabiliy of the lessor/Work´s owner, terms of recation by lessee to the contractor, among others. Whenever it is deemed relevant we will refer the doctrinal and jurisprudential understanding and then present our conclusions. For the above, this master´s thesis will focus on the analyzing the ralationship between the three subjects (lessor, lesse and contractor) before the inconsistency of the work.

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