Author(s) Ana Luísa Matos Morais Caldas Canedo
Advisor(s) Teresa Alexandra Coelho Moreira
Year 2012

Synopsis This study will primarily by exploiting the concept of mobbing at work, by analyzing the figure in the Labour Code, with particular regard to the amendments made due to the reform of labour legislation and subsequent revision in 2009, aiming to provide a small contribution to the construction of the legal concept of mobbing at work. The different designations of the phenomenon and analysis of the elements that comprise the legal concept of mobbing at work will commence this study and occupy its second chapter. In the third chapter of this thesis, different types of mobbing will be approached and will be provided a brief distinction between figure and some similar phenomena. The fourth chapter is devoted to the phenomenon of the EU legal framework, and the fifth chapter will discuss the historical evolution of workplace mobbing in national law, with particular emphasis on the treatment of the figure in the Labour Code. Finally, in the sixth chapter will be discussed the means of reaction to the phenomenon that the harassed individual has at its disposal by the Portuguese legal system.

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