Author(s) Débora Soraia Oliveira Marques
Advisor(s) Joaquim Freitas Rocha
Year 2015

Synopsis The present dissertation is about patrimonial revenues of Autarchies. It becomes necessary to start by the framework of the patrimonial autonomy, while prerogative of Autarchies’ financial autonomy and by the patrimonial revenues contextualization in the universe of revenues that the autarchies may get. Afterward, it will be performed an analysis to the autarchies properties, starting from the distinction between public dominion and private dominion. Hereupon, we are able to assay the revenues that the patrimonial profits, provided from the regular administration or the disposal of the patrimony, as well as from some public services without a tributary purport. Lastly, we will observe the weight, importance of the patrimonial revenues to the counties budgets an attempted to understand their impact in the global structure of the profits, revenues.

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