Author(s) Mariana Martins Ferreira Ribas
Advisor(s) Benedita Mac Crorie
Year 2016

Synopsis The Law n. 9/2010 that allows access to civil marriage by same-sex couples and the Law n. 2/2016 which now allows children adoption by same-sex couples placed Portugal at the forefront of the said progressive countries on Humans Rights. These civilizational advances have been mostly supported, but there are also voices that put doubts and questions of various kinds concerning the search for the best interest of the children that guides all the processes concerning them. This paper addresses those doubts and the reasoning that supports them, or that they are associated with when it comes to the acess of same-sex couples to the institute of adoption, trying to dismantle them in a sustained and argumentative way, supported by papers that resulted from scientific studies produced by the most respected national and global institutions dealing with these issues.

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