Author(s) Elenir Lúcia Cericatto
Advisor(s) Mário João Ferreira Monte
Year 2015

Synopsis A growing number of crimes committed by teenagers in Brazilian society due to lack of social policies, participation in society, school and family structure, along with the economic difficulties the country. In this respect, in this study the data obtained during the presentation of legal lectures with students of various ages, parents and teachers in the area of education, as well as the hearings presided in family court and probate, childhood and youth in the District of Chapecó will be evaluated – Santa Catarina – Brazil, understood period in 2007 to 2015. Liability or responsibility for adolescent Brazilian criminal law, seeks further reflecting on the role of the state as responsible for policies of recovery of juvenile offenders in the country, promote reflection of a socio legal from the Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil (and later laws) and so understand the role of every citizen in the society entered into improvements in the system and laws of Brazil, with respect to liability or responsibility adolescent criminal sphere in which shall be qualified” extremely important for the social development of the country.

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