Author(s) Ricardo Jorge Pinho Mourinho de Oliveira e Sousa
Advisor(s) Cláudia Rita Lopes Carvalho Viana Pimentel Torres
Year 2016

Synopsis The present document constitutes my professional activity report, drawn up on behalf of the dissertation thesis of the Master in European Union Law under the order RT-38/21 June, 2011. In this report is my intention, essentially, to sumarize my activity as Judge over the 13 years of professional activity. In the first part of the report it is presented the academic and formative training obtained, as well the professional activity and places where it was carried out in chronological order. In the second part of the report , a legal study is presented on the review feature of national judgments on the grounds of incompatibility with the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights, using a brief literature review for better understanding. The theme is not intended to reflect the entirety of what is in daily judicial activity , but its current relevance can be useful for the exercise of judicial duties and other professional activities associated with it.

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