Author(s) Simão Paulo Rodrigues Varela
Advisor(s) António Cândido Oliveira
Year 2011

Synopsis This work entitled “The Importance of Preventive Measures to an Adequate Implementation of a Municipal Master Plans (MMP)”, falls under the Master in Local Government Law, with a view to evidence of the occurrences and conditions that existing during the development and implementation of MMP, can somehow lead the operations of land use that alter the underlying reality, contrary to formulate options, to impossibilate, or increase the burden on the development and implementation of these instruments, land management planning and implementing urban development and to evidence the preventive measures that contribute to a proper implementation of the MMP in Cape Verde. To carry out this research approach was adopted and purposeful demonstration, based on a previously defined the methodological scheme. The phenomenon of urbanization, requires planning of cities, since they are not admissible and may grow without regard to the urban standards, which are due for preventive measures during the preparation of the MMP, allowing for their suitability implementation. With this research work, it is concluded that In Cape Verde, like other country, the MMP is extremely important for land management, planning and implementing urban development, so that during its preparation, it is necessary to adopt measures for a better execution of this instrument after drawn up and approved.

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