Author(s) Juliana Ribeiro de Sousa
Advisor(s) Américo Fernando Gravato Morais
Year 2012

Synopsis The present investigation was made in order to realize the study of the commercial establishment and his role in the insolvency proceedings (or bankruptcy), specifically studying carefully the peculiarities, substantives and adjectives, of the alienation of the commercial establishment in the insolvency proceedings. Until now, the Portuguese doctrine as only deal with these questions individually, this mean, the renowned legal scholars in the Commercial Law worked and work all the questions related to the commercial establishment and the procedural doctrine as investigated the questions related to the insolvency proceedings. No one worked these subjects in a confluence and harmony perspective. We intend with the present, study carefully situations related with the possibility of admitting the alienation of the commercial establishment was a measure of reconstruction of a company, as well as in the liquidation proceedings, by knowing if the insolvency administrators should favour the commercial establishment alienation as a whole rather than a subdivided alienation. Because the letter of the Law does not specifies when says that the alienation of the commercial establishment in the insolvency proceedings should take place as a whole, and being the objective of the commercial establishment sale as a whole to provide the maintaining of the goodwill of the company, the intention is to evaluate what is effectively sold in the consideration of the company as a whole, in a manner that de goodwill won’t be loose, in a reconstruction or a liquidation proceeding.

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