Governing Structure

JusGov is composed of the Director, the Executive Board, the Coordinating Commission of the Scientific Council, the Scientific Council, the External Advisory Board and the researchers.


Professor Patrícia Penélope Mendes Jerónimo

The Director is elected by the Scientific Council.

The Director shall:

  • Represent the Center;

  • Ensure the coordination of the different projects and activities;

  • Coordinate the activities of the Centre in accordance with the purposes defined in the Centre’s Regulation;

  • Manage the Centre’s human, material and financial resources;

  • Convene meetings of the Executive Board and of the Coordinating Commission of the Scientific Council;

  • Convene meetings of the External Advisory Board and of the Scientific Council;

  • Ensure compliance with the deliberations of the Scientific Council.

Executive Board

The Executive Board coordinates the institutional collaboration among UMinho and the participating institutions, liaises with the Law School’s Board for the organisation of training activities and management of human resources, decides on the allocation of funds and supervises the day-to-day management of the Centre.

Coordinating Commission of the Scientific Council

The Coordinating Commission of the Scientific Council shall:

  • Coordinate research, post-graduate education and technology transfer activities;

  • Liaise between the Research Groups and the Executive Board;

  • Prepare a strategic plan according to the general guidelines defined by the Scientific Council;

  • Give its opinion on the annual and multiannual plans of activities and reports, as well as on the budget.

Scientific Council

The Scientific Council shall be composed of all Doctorate Members of the Centre and chaired by the Director.

The Scientific Council is responsible for defining the Centre’s research strategy and programme and for supervising its implementation.

External Advisory Board

The External Advisory Board is composed of individuals who have a recognized merit in the research areas of the Centre or in areas considered to be of strategic interest for their development.

The members of this Board shall be appointed by the Scientific Council of the Centre upon the proposal from the Executive Board.

The members of the External Advisory Board are the following:

Management Team

Andreia Nogueira – Administrative expert
Célia Rocha – Financial expert
Pedro Rito – IT expert