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Mission and Goals

The Research Centre for Justice and Governance (JusGov) will conduct basic and applied research in the field of Law, from an interdisciplinary perspective, with the objective of understanding and finding practical answers to some of the main challenges facing our societies today, in particular the role of law in the promotion of peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, the achievement of gender equality, the provision of access to justice for all and the building of effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels. In pursuance of its basic research agenda, JusGov will analyse fundamental concepts at the intersection of Law with other Sciences, such as interconstitutionality, citizenship, equality, good governance, digital economy and society, human development and sustainability, and contribute to the discussion of the theoretical framework underlying the academic debates on Democracy and the Rule of Law, Interculturality and Legal Pluralism, Globalisation and Polycentrism, among others. JusGov’s applied research agenda will consist primarily of assessment studies of the legal framework and of the judicial and administrative practices – at national and international (regional and global) level –, covering pressing issues such as privacy in hyper-connected contexts, immigrant integration, liability for medical acts, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, new criminal typologies and safeguards in judicial proceedings.